Mali readings

Some things I’d found useful/interesting on Mali. Top two especially recommended.

  1. Africa is a Country, ‘France in Mali: the End of the Fairytale’
  2. Bridges from Bamako‘Behind Mali’s conflict: myths, realities & unknowns’
  3. LRB, ‘What went wrong in Mali?’ (from August 2012)
  4. The Monkey Cage, ‘Voices from Contested Territory: 531 Messages for President Obama from Northern Mali’
  5. McClatchy, ‘French forces unseen as Mali town prepares for possible Islamist advance’
  6. The Arabist, ‘Mali and the Maghreb’
  7. The Economist, ‘The crisis in Mali and Algeria: Jihad in the Sahara’
  8. New York Times, ‘U.S. Sees Hazy Threat From Mali Militants’
  9. Der Spiegel‘Germany’s Mali Predicament: Trapped Between France and War’
  10. Jamestown Foundation on Mokthar Belmokthar, suspected to be behind the Algeria hostage-taking

I’m sure that the English-language writing only scratches the surface of what’s been written over the past couple of weeks.

Update with others:

  1. CNN, ‘Six reasons events in Mali matter’: “Experts say [AQIM’s] total strength is probably in the hundreds rather than any more”
  2. Dart-Throwing Chimp, ‘Did Libya Cause Mali?’

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